Monday, March 05, 2007

There's another conservative Christian out there who has come to the same conclusion I have, that attempting to legislate morality in this country is a completely inadequate political strategy that does not serve the interest of Christian citizens or comport with Christian morality.

With regard to homosexual issues he writes:
I feel that it is immoral for our government to deny equal rights to homosexuals. There is simply neither a solid Biblical or legal precedent for denying rights based upon sexual orientation. Besides, a central idea of legal tolerance is that preventing behavior (which we know isn't even accomplished by legislation against homosexuals) doesn't change the heart. But even if anti-gay legislation curbed homosexual behavior, we know that it would not make anyone "less gay". So, when we remove sexual orientation from the mix, we're simply denying rights to a specific group of people. (Hint: That's wrong.)

In yesterday's post Legal Tolerance addresses the civil same-sex marriage debate. He advises Christians not to fret about how the government chooses to define a God-given institution. Since we already understand how God defines marriage in the Bible, that's all we need. Why should we care what the government thinks? He further proposes that government get out of the marriage business altogether and have legal benefits granted to any household group that wishes to be considered a unit in the eyes of the state, not just to married couples. It's a radical proposal. But at least someone in the conservative Christian camp is trying to think outside the box.